Rhodochrosite Teardrop Pendant

Rhodochrosite Teardrop Pendant

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Polished Rhodochrosite teardrop pendant. Open backed to facilitate crystal healing, and set in silver.

Approx 4cm L, 2cm W.

Stone: Rhodochrosite



Can help asthma and respiratory problems. Normalises blood pressure, and can help migraines. Restores poor eyesight. Relives infections and improvs the skin. 

Emotional/ Spiritual

An excellent stone for the heart and relationships by encouraging self love, emotional healing and compassion for one’s inner child. Promotes  spontaneous expression of feelings. Enhances dream state and creativity. Imparts a positive and dynamic attitude, and teaches one to assimilate sinful feelings without shutting down. Brings lightness to life.  

Chakra: Heart, Solar Plexus. 

Element: Fire, Water. 

Geology: Maganese carbonate with hexagonal crystal system.

Zodiac: Leo, Scorpio.