The Eastern Adornment Philosophy

About Us


At Eastern Adornment we aim to create a space filled with opulent beauty, positive energy and service that is tailored to you.
We showcase a diverse selection of products that we believe are beneficial to the mind, body and spirit. 
These include crystal specimens, authentic artisan jewellery from around the world, and hand painted ceramics and glassware from Jerusalem. 
We personally travel to the origin of our products.
With over 20 years experience sourcing crystals and jewellery and pottery of the highest quality, we have formed great relationships with these traders and craftspeople, giving us a unique insight into the history and traditional significance of the items in our collection.
It is through these face to face interactions that we can guarantee the sustainability of our crystals and ensure all of our products are ethical and fair trade. 
Each piece is selected with love and care, and is customisable to suit your unique specifications. 

At Eastern Adornment we specialise in sourcing rare crystals and mineral specimens. Our Crystal Cave in Richmond-Upon-Thames showcases a diverse range from Amethyst to Zoisite. 
Whether you are just beginning your gemstone journey, interested in healing or simply captivated by their beauty, you are sure to find the perfect crystal for your collection.


The Eastern Adornment jewellery collection showcases the highest quality crystals and metal work. Each piece is sourced ethically and created with care, with something to suit every occasion and budget. 
We take our inspiration from traditional Eastern designs and patterns, paying close attention to the details that make a show-stopping item of jewellery. 
We work with true crafts people and can make custom alterations, tailoring to suit your unique specifications.
From eye-catching beadwork, to traditional Rajasthani and Tibetan pieces, to simple settings designed to show off the beauty of the crystal itself, we cater to every taste. 
At Eastern Adornment you are sure to find the perfect jewel to match your style. 

Eastern Adornment is committed to supporting Palestinian craftspeople, taking the time to visit workshops and forge personal connections with the artisans and their families. As such we offer an exquisite range of ceramics and glassware. 


Hebron glass jajaj al-Khalili, refers to glass produced in the historic West Bank city of Hebron as part of a flourishing art industry. From champagne flutes to water jugs, each item is completely unique, making Hebron glassware a beautiful gift or addition to any home. 

Eastern Adornment; A magical shop for magical people.