Peridot Crystal Chip Bracelet with Clear Quartz Beads

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Our exclusive range of natural crystal bead bracelets, created to maximise crystal healing.

Our designers have combined simple elegance with a casual boho feel for a bracelet that is wearable and fashion forward.

Eastern Adornment crystal bead bracelets are of the highest quality and suit every occasion and style.

Stone: Peridot



Beneficial to the metabolism, and regenerates tissue. Aids the heart, thymus, lungs, gallbladder and spleen. Lessens the pain of contractions on childbirth. Balances bipolar disorders. 

Emotional/ Spiritual

Stone of financial and spiritual abundance. Can be used to energise one’s work. Reestablishes the sense of self worth, and encourages self forgiveness. Can reduce addictive behaviours.

Chakra: Heart, Solar Plexus. 

Element: Earth. 

Geology: Magnesium iron silicate with an orthorhombic crystal system. 

 Zodiac: Capricorn, Libra, Virgo.