Larimar Polished Teardrop Pendant

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Exquisite Larimar, a guaranteed show-stopper. Open backed to enable crystal healing and set in silver. 

Approx 4cm L, 3cm W.

Stone: Larimar



Helpful for cartilage and throat conditions. Promotes self healing. 

Emotional/ Spiritual

Easily induces the meditative state. Removes self imposed blockages, and self sabotaging behaviours. Useful for alleviating guilt and removing fear. Enables challenges to be met with equanimity.  Encourages playfulness and childlike joy. Connects to the earth goddess, harmonising body and soul. 

Chakra: Third eye, Throat. 

Element: Water, Fire. 

Geology: A form of blue Pectolite, a sodium calcium silicate. 

Zodiac: Leo.