Hematite Micro Cut Bead Bracelet

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Our exclusive range of micro cut bracelets have been created to maximise crystal healing, using natural gemstones.

Our designers have combined faceted crystal beads with a simple silver thread and charm clasp, for a bracelet that is elegant, wearable and fashion forward.

Eastern Adornment crystal bead bracelets are of the highest quality and suit every occasion and style.


Stone: Hematite



Aids circulatory problems and blood conditions such as anaemia. Stimulates absorption of iron. Treats cramp, insomnia and anxiety. 

Emotional/ Spiritual

Enhances will power and imparts confidence. Useful in combatting addictive behaviours. Helps concentration and in gaining insight from mistakes. Useful in the study of mathematics and technical subjects. 

Chakra: Root

Element: Earth

Geology: Iron oxide mineral with hexagonal crystal. system.