Blue Chalcedony bead bracelet, with Eastern Adornment branded silver bead.

Chalcedony Crystal Bead Bracelet

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Our exclusive range of natural crystal bead bracelets, created to maximise crystal healing.

Our designers have combined simple elegance with a casual boho feel for a bracelet that is wearable and fashion forward.

Eastern Adornment crystal bead bracelets are of the highest quality and suit every occasion and style.



Stone: Chalcedony



A powerful cleaners, it improves conditions in the throat or larynx. Helps lactation. Heals eyes, gallbladder, bones and spleen. 

Emotional/ Spiritual- 

Harmonises mind body and spirit. Stimulates clear communication and speaking of one’s mind. Useful for those in therapy. Connects to the subconscious and assists inner healing. Absorbs negative thoughts and bad dreams. 

Chakra: Throat. 

Element: Water.

Geology: Silicone dioxide. 

Zodiac: Cancer, Sagittarius.