Blue Topaz Micro Cut Bead Bracelet

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Our exclusive range of micro cut bracelets have been created to maximise crystal healing, using natural gemstones.

Our designers have combined faceted crystal beads with a simple silver thread and charm clasp, for a bracelet that is elegant, wearable and fashion forward.

Eastern Adornment crystal bead bracelets are of the highest quality and suit every occasion and style.


Stone: Blue Topaz



Helps the overactive thyroid and speech impediments. 

Emotional/ Spiritual

The stone of empathy, truth and forgiveness. Improves attention span and ability to concentrate.  The colour attunes to the angels of truth and wisdom. Naturally bring out psychic abilities. 

Chakra: Throat, Third Eye. 

Element: Fire.

Geology: Aluminium silicate fluoride hydroxide crystal with an orthorhombic crystal system.

Zodiac: Virgo.