Aqua Chalcedony Gold Ring

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Aqua Chalcedony radiates sunshine and summer vibes,  immediately adding a pop of colour to any outfit. 
This stunning stone is set in silver and gold plated
Size 55/N

Stone: Chalcedony



A powerful cleaners, it improves conditions in the throat or larynx. Helps lactation. Heals eyes, gallbladder, bones and spleen. 

Emotional/ Spiritual- 

Harmonises mind body and spirit. Stimulates clear communication and speaking of one’s mind. Useful for those in therapy. Connects to the subconscious and assists inner healing. Absorbs negative thoughts and bad dreams. 

Chakra: Throat. 

Element: Water.

Geology: Silicone dioxide. 

Zodiac: Cancer, Sagittarius.